Every Conversation Leads You To Another

Over the last couple of weeks I have focused more on re-connecting with people that I have worked with or have come to know over the last 20 years.  Its amazing how connected and friendly the digital world is to so easily bring me back in touch with people that I respect and admire.  Everyone has moved on to new endeavors- whether at home or within work.  I’ve learned of former colleagues living internationally, becoming parents, become grandparents, becoming empty nesters, retiring, starting up new businesses- learning, growing, contributing and changing along the way.  With every conversation, inevitably it leads to “do your remember him/her”, “you should contact him/her”, etc.  Every discussion brings back memories of being young, successful, naïve, marriage, divorce, death, laughter, forgiveness, challenge, learning, humility and ambition.  I had almost forgotten how giving some people could be.  I recall the people that took chances on me and the ones I took chances on.  I will forever be a “glass half full” individual on quest to find the new ideas that make new things possible.  I will embark on new adventures, just one conversation at a time.  The next one could be the best one yet.

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2 thoughts on “Every Conversation Leads You To Another”

  1. I agree with the above Kami. Good to reconnect. Keep up your quest — no doubt you will have stars like you calling you in 20 years!

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